There are many reasons why Australian business's are loving vehicle advertising.  It's easy, reaches thousands of your local target audience, is cost-effective, lasts for years and looks great.

  • Eye-Catching & Professional:

    A well designed vehicle wrap looks amazing, attracts attention and is proven to give excellent brand recognition. Aswell as advertising your products or services, a smart looking wrap also creates a credible, professional impression for your business.
  • Wide Reaching:

    Just one branded vehicle on the Gold Coast can be seen by tens of thousands of people PER DAY!  If you and your employees do a lot of driving then this could be the best advertising option for you.
  • Cost-Effective:

    Vehicle wraps have proven to deliver the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising, which is why they’re the preferred choice for small and cost-conscious businesses.
  • Long Lasting:

    The average vehicle wrap lasts four to five years, which is a long time for advertising. Whilst tv adverts, traditional billboards and flyers will have expired years ago, your vehicle wrap will still be getting your message across to your local audience for years.
  • Hard Working:

    If only people were this efficient.  Your vehicle wrap is ALWAYS advertising for you, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Whether parked in front of your shop, at the kids footy game, even in front of your home, your wrapped vehicle is making impressions constantly.
  • Non-Aggressive:

    Unlike social media pop-ups and unwanted junk mail, your vehicle wrap will be advertising your message as you drive around the Gold Coast, without being pushy or intrusive.
  • It's Easy !!!

    Advertising becomes as simple as driving to and from work.  

    We make it easy for you, we'll give you a design that you'll love, print your wrap with the latest and best materials and professionally install with experience and an eye for detail.

Large Trailer Wraps

Large trailers are the perfect mobile billboard for your business.  Options include full wrap, partial wrap or smaller spot graphics and text.

Small Trailer Signs

Another perfect spot to advertise your business. These quality signs are aluminium composite panel with digitally printed face and gloss UV overlaminate.  We can install these to your trailer or just supply the signs for you to install yourself.

Van Wraps

An un-branded van can look unprofessional and is a wasted opportunity to advertise your business.  Get a professional look with a Coast Signs Wrap or decals on your van.

Ute Wraps

One of our most popular products is the ute wrap.  Proving a very effective form of advertising there are many options and styles from small door graphics, panels for the tray, decals and wraps on the canopy and the cab.

Car Wraps

Whether you want a subtle, professional look or more impact and wow, Coast Signs can design your wrap to suit any style. Have more than one vehicle? ask about our fleet discount.

Food Trailers

With tonnes of experience designing and installing food trailer wraps, it's a great opportunity to get creative and take advantage of our in-house design skills.

Car Door Decals

If you just need to look professional and have your brand on your car, door decals are a great option.  We can install these for you or they are also small enough to install yourself or post around the country to the rest of your fleet.

Rear window One-way Vision Prints

One-way vision is great for windows on vans and utes, most SUVs and some suitable passenger cars.  Coast Signs adheres to Queensland laws regarding VLR (Visible Light Transmission) and can advise what is safe and unsafe practice.  One-way vision is NOT suitable for passenger car windows that already have a tint.

Large Truck Signs

Truck sides are another perfect billboard for a wrap.  Well designed decals can look great and offer an excellent cost effective option.  Get in touch with us to find out the best option for your truck.

Vehicle Magnets

Just need part-time branding on your car? Magnets are a great solution. Some contractors opt for magnets so they can take them off when working for someone else.  Our magnets are thick, commercial grade magnet and have the same long-term Gloss UV over-laminate as our signs.


We also wrap buses. Whether it be long-term branding or short-term advertising, we do everything from design to print and installation of the wrap.

Boat Wraps

Protect your boats finish whilst giving it some wow factor.  Perfect for business promotion or just to look awesome and impress your mates.

Vehicle Gallery

View the vehicle signage gallery, including Food Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Utes & Cars.